Impact of Voice AI at a Time of Crisis


April 8, 2020 · 4 min read

The COVID-19 that originated in Wuhan, China, is an ongoing pandemic that has affected 209 countries and territories across the globe. In addition to the human tragedy, the coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc with large scale economic disruptions due to travel restrictions, factory closures, and quarantines in place. We are witnessing a global recession caused by a public health crisis after a hundred years, as businesses continue to grapple with financial stress and closures. In fact, according to KPMG, 94% of the fortune 1000 companies are already seeing COVID-19 disruptions.


As the international response to contain the virus continues to develop, organizations too are facing significant challenges in their response to adapt and mitigate its devastating effects, while continuing to serve their customers. The shift to remote working has not made it any easier for businesses; they are only now beginning to understand and identify the gaps that exist in their IT infrastructure.

"Gartner recommends that CIOs focus on three short-term actions to provide support to customers and employees and ensure continuity of operations:

Source digital collaboration tools with security controls and network support

Engage customers and partners through digital channels, and maintain sales activities

Establish a single source of truth for employees"

This crisis has supercharged the move towards future tech solutions, businesses have accelerated the transition to a digital future, to cope with the disruption taking place. This has now become the new normal and will act as a means for continued growth and survival.

Future technologies such as AI have a considerable role to play in automating business processes

AI will enable businesses to continue their work remotely while delivering the same output as before. One such system that is currently enabling firms at this time of need is Voice AI.


Contact centers across industries are inundated with a massive increase in call volumes

Customer support queries are soaring as a result of the pandemic, putting both private and public contact centers under strain, while they simultaneously deal with the abrupt shift to mass remote working. This has caused a considerable amount of problems for enterprises and has left many contact centers debilitated. In this scenario, the implementation of future technologies such as Voice AI will help automate up to 80% of contact center operations and deliver the same or yet better customer experience to the end-user.

One such voice AI/automation system is VIVA.

VIVA is a unique service that helps accelerate engagement strategy and utilizes cutting edge speech recognition and NLU technology. It provides the best engagement possible. It is an intelligent, multilingual platform that can help automate up to 80% of contact center operations. With 100,000+ hours of training data, VIVA has been deployed to help businesses boost customer stickiness and loyalty through a deep understanding of the customer’s context and intent.

Products such as VIVA are changing the landscape of how customer support functions work. This kind of rapid implementation of voice AI systems will only help businesses become more customer-centric at a time of crisis. It makes organizations more aware of customer anxiety and sensitivity, which in turn helps in getting the right messages out at the right time.

Companies that showcase this kind of proactive implementation to adapt to the changing scenario will benefit the most. It showcases to the end customer that the organization is capable of making early decisions to help protect customers, decrease anxiety, and solve problems.


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