Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Voice First


Jan 27 · 4 min read

According to Gartner , Hyper Automation is one of the top 10 strategic trends that will take place in 2020. Hyper automation deals with the application of advanced technologies, including AI and ML.

Hyper automation results in the creation of an organizational digital twin, allowing organizations to visualize how functions, processes, and critical performance indicators interact to drive value. One application of Hyper-Automation has been Conversational AI.

Conversational AI started as chatbots; they were intuitive applications that scaled the various vectors of businesses and delivered a productive way of addressing customer queries. That said chatbots had few glaring issues, such as:

  • Misunderstanding requests

  • Misunderstanding the nuances of human dialogue

  • Providing inaccurate information

  • Inability to personalize the conversation

  • Executing inaccurate commands

These drawbacks deterred customers from engaging with business contact centers, which in turn had some long-term impacts such as high churn rates, low CSAT scores, and reduction in market share.

The immediate impact of chatbots and its failure to deliver an all-round solution gave rise to a better technology called Voice AI. This technology is built to provide real-time solutions to customers via voice; it has been implemented in a few sectors and is progressing towards achieving near-human-like conversations. Customers are increasingly adopting Voice-enabled interactions. According to quora creative, 60% of smartphone users have tried voice search at least once in the past twelve months. This indicates that the market is shifting to voice-ai, which will eventually make chatbots redundant.

The advantage of voice AI is that it can gauge various parameters in real-time, such as intent, accent, language, tone, etc. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the customer query, which in turn will enable it to deliver the most optimal response via voice.


Leading businesses around the globe, such as Google, and Apple, are working on this technology and are delivering incredible products that solve day to day issues. Let’s take a look at why your business should also be voice-first:

1 — Positive Customer Experience:

Irrespective of how good your product is, customers will not buy into it if the service provided is terrible. Customer expectations change, and they keep scaling higher. To meet those expectations, you, as a business, have to innovate and introduce newer technologies. Having Voice AI systems is one way to go about it.

Voice AI systems can address any customer issue. The system will help deliver personalized conversations that will leave your customers delighted. It will improve CSAT scores and loyalty. This system will reduce your churn rate and help build brand advocacy.

2 — Quicker Response:

One element that makes human conversations better than automated systems is that we can comprehend messages and deliver quick responses, without any hesitation. The closest we can get to this with an automated system is through Voice AI.

The system is capable of comprehending customer queries and delivering optimal solutions on a real-time basis. This helps businesses with retention tactics; it allows you to engage with multiple customers simultaneously without compromising on quality and time.

3 — Contact Center Optimization:

Most contact centers host a large number of employees that are tasked with addressing customer queries. The majority of the questions that come into these contact centers are repetitive, and they become the cause for disgruntled call agents who eventually leave. This lack of optimization and soaring costs can be damaging to business growth.

Voice AI systems can help optimize these centers. It is capable of handling up to 80% of call center quires and can allow business contact centers to host smaller teams that are needed to address the most problematic issues.


Investing in future tech such as Voice AI has helped several businesses improve their support systems significantly. This has led to positive experiences, brand advocacy, higher CSAT scores, and improved employee morale.

One such Voice AI system that can help your business is VIVA.

VIVA is a unique service that helps accelerate engagement strategy and utilizes cutting edge speech recognition and NLU technology. It provides the best engagement possible. It is an intelligent, multilingual platform that can help automate up to 80% of call center operations. With 100,000+ hours of training data, VIVA is deployed to help businesses boost customer stickiness and loyalty through a deep understanding of the customer’s context and intent.

This system has been implemented in leading enterprise contact centers; click here to know more.